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James Hendra Pritchard


Pritchard, James Hendra, Headingly, Manitoba, formerly Britonferry, South Wales, England. Occupation: Carpenter. Military Service: Corporal, Reg. No. 700726, 101st Bn. Sapper, transferred to 1st Field Company Canadian Engineer, 1st Canadian Division, Sapper, A/Lance Corporal, C Company, 1st Battalion, Canadian Engineers, Attestation Papers. Unlikely Diary Reference: “Pritchard” Grain Growers’ Note Pad, 1916-1917, p. 46. This reference was recorded prior to 28 May 1918, when the 107th Bn. and the 1st Field Company C. E. amalgamated. Since J. H. Pritchard was a member of the 1st Field Company C.E. at that time, he could not have been the “Pritchard” referenced in Jack Beaumont’s diary. That “Pritchard” was associated with the 107th Pioneers and must have gone either to the 2nd or 3rd Battalion, Canadian Engineers, when the amalgamation took place.

Additional Biographical Information

29 June 1916: 700726, Corp. James H. Pritchard, born in Wales, no previous military service, next of kin: Charles Pritchard, Headingly, Manitoba. Enlisted at Winnipeg on 11 January 1916. Nominal Roll of the 101st Bn., p. 16. Corp. Pritchard travelled with the 101st Bn. from Halifax to England aboard the R.M.S. Olympic on 29 June 1916.

June 1918: “C” Company (Dismounted) 700726, Spr Pritchard J. H. “C” Company. War Diary of the 1st Battalion, Canadian Engineers, Appendix 2a, p.14.

26 June 1918: To be acting L/Corporals with pay with effect from 28-5-18: … 700726, Spr. Pritchard, J. H., C Company. War Diary of the 1st Battalion, Canadian Engineers, Appendix 29, p.61.