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Christopher Maloney


Maloney, Christopher, Paisley and Toronto, Ontario, formerly of Dublin, Ireland. Occupation: Farm Labourer. Military Service: Private, Reg. No. 273509, 160 Bn. (discharged); 216th Bn., 3rd Reserve Bn. Attestation Papers. Diary Reference: “Maloney, C. 273509.” Diary Two, Green Cover.

Additional Biographical Information:

Christopher Maloney, a 20 year old Irish immigrant and “farm hand,” enlisted at Paisley, Ontario, on 18 January 1916 and served with the 116th Bn. until his discharge five months later. Then he enlisted at the Toronto Recruiting Office on 4 May 1916, and was approved by the 216th Overseas Battalion on 12 June 1916. Christopher apparently had no relatives, but listed Mrs. Beatrice Nicholson of 20 James Street, Dublin, as his “guardian” and “friend.” He was born on the 8 March, either in 1894 or 1896. “1894” was the date he gave in Toronto and may have been an attempt to appear older than he was. On his original application, his height was given as 5 feet 2½ inches, but on the second application, it was recorded as 5 feet ¾ inches. A slight build, combined with his youthfulness and fair complexion may explain why his original application stated he was “Fit for Bugler.”