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Charles Harris


Harris, Charles, Franklin, Manitoba. Awards/Honours: Military Medal. Occupation: Unknown. Military Service: Sapper, Reg. No. 922783, 200th Bn., 107th Canadian Pioneer Bn., 1st Battalion Canadian Engineers, Attestation Paper [Not available online]. Diary References: “Stayed in a little dugout (Charlie [Harris] & I). He had a parcel from home. Had a jake feed,” 11 Oct ’17; “C [Harris] & I walked to Villiers-au-Bois to see the boys in 27th Batt,” 12 Oct ’17; “Walked to Petit-Sains to get our pictures (Charlie [Harris] & I),” 29 Nov ’17; “Ch[arles Harris] & I were on the carpet for being one day late. Had 10 days pay stopped, my first crime in two years,” 6 Apr ’18; “We marched to our huts near Marail [Maroeuil]. Was very tired. Charlie [Harris] and I had a slap-up feed of eggs and chips,” 5 May ’18; “Charlie [Harris], Mike Dearden and I, made a shack in the orchard, and slept out,” 28 May ’18.

Additional Biographical Information:

Reg. No. 922783, Private Charles Harris, born in Canada, no previous military service, enlisted in Winnipeg, 14 Dec 1916, Next-of-Kin: Charles Harris, Franklin, Manitoba. Nominal Roll of the 200th Battalion, Bob Richardson Collection, p.6.

20 January 1918: Private C. Harris was presented the Military Medal on 20 January 1918 at Barlin by General McDonnell, G.O.C, 1st Canadian Division. See War Diary of the 107th Canadian Pioneer Battalion, January 1818, Appendix A, p.5

6 June 1918: “Para. No. 7 Posting. The following other ranks are posted to Headquarters from the Companies shown…922783, Spr. Harris, C., “B” Co., Stretcher Bearer…” War Diary of the 1st Battalion, Canadian Engineers, June 1918, Appendix 6, p 29.