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Barney Hanson


Hanson, Barney, Wynyard, Saskatchewan, formerly of Pembina, North Dakota. Occupation: Labourer. Military Service: Sapper, Reg. No. 294429, 223rd Overseas Bn., 107th Canadian Pioneer Battalion; 1st Battalion Canadian Engineer, Attestation Papers. Possible Reference: “Barney,” Grain Growers’ Note Pad, 1916-1917, p. 46. This is probably the correct Barney, but Julius Silvester Barney is another candidate, if he was attached to C Company 107th Canadian Pioneers before it transferred to the 2nd Battalion Canadian Engineers on 28 May 1918. His personnel file may contain this information.

Additional Biographical Information:

6 June 1918: “Para. No. 7 Posting. The following other ranks are posted to Headquarters from the Companies shown … 294429, Spr. Hanson, B., “B” Co., Stretcher Bearer … ” War Diary of the 1st Battalion, Canadian Engineers, June 1918, Appendix 6, p.29.