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John "Jack" Beaumont

John "Jack" Beaumont ca. 1916-19


Beaumont, John “Jack,” Franklin, Manitoba, formerly of Troutbeck, Westmoreland, England. Occupation: Farmer. Military Service: Sapper, Acting Lance Corporal, Reg. No. 922495, 200th Overseas Bn., transferred to 107th Canadian Pioneer Bn., transferred to 1st Battalion Canadian Engineer, Attestation Papers.

Additional Biographical Information:

6 June 1918: “Para. No. 7 Posting. The following other ranks are posted to Headquarters from the Companies shown … 922495, Spr. Beaumont, J., “C” Co., Stretcher Bearer … ” War Diary of the 1st Battalion, Canadian Engineers, June 1918, Appendix 6, 29.

Para. 2, F.A. [Field Ambulance] Sick. Admitted 26-7-18 (Gassed). 922495 Spr. Beaumont, J. “HQ” [Headquarters]. War Diary of the 1st Battalion, Canadian Engineers, July 1918, Appendix 31, p.83.

Jack Beaumont kept four diaries during World War One. Click on the links below to view transcripts of the diaries and two appendices (all in pdf format). To access the links embedded into the pdf transcripts, you must first save the documents to your own computer.

In December 1921, Jack wrote "My Impressions and Experiences 4 August 1916 - 18 April 1919" in letter form to his future wife, Florence Henderson. Click on the above link to view the illustrated transcription of the original letters (Part One and Part Two), available in pdf format.