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Vigfus Baldwinson


Baldwinson, Vigfus, Winnipeg, Manitoba, formerly of Thingeyarsyola [Thingeyarasysola], Iceland.[1] Occupation: Baker. Military Service: Sapper, Reg. No. 294187, 223rd Overseas Bn., 107th Canadian Pioneer Battalion; Company B, 1st Battalion, Canadian Engineers, Attestation Papers. Possible Diary Reference: “Baldy,” Grain Growers’ Note Pad, 1916-1917, p. 46. This seems to be the most likely identification, assuming that “Baldy” was the nickname of Vigfus Baldwinson. As an aside, prior to enlisting, Baldwinson lived on the same street here in Winnipeg as I do today, just a few houses south of mine, and by sheer chance [?] I recorded his information here on 8 April 2010, exactly ninety-four years to the day after he enlisted in 1916. Simple chance or providence? You decide! – R. Shirritt-Beaumont.

Additional Biographical Information

April 1916: 294187, Pte. Baldwinson, Vigfus, born in Iceland, no previous military service, next of kin: Stefan Baldwinson, 951 Ingersoll Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, enlisted at Winnipeg, 8 April 1916. Nominal Roll of the 223rd Battalion, Bob Richardson Collection. The 223rd Battalion went overseas from Halifax aboard the S. S. Justicia on 3 May 1917.

June 1918: “204187 Baldwinson, V. [Company] B.” War Diary of the 1st Battalion, Canadian Engineers, June 1918, p. 18.


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[1] “Thingeyarasysla is a district/county in northern Iceland. There are 24 "sysola" that make up the entire country. My grandfather was from [there] as well, as were a good portion of the earlier immigrants to Canada. Now the trick would be to find out what village/town or farm he came from.” Email from Brent Johnson, 13 April 2010.