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Our website has been designed for quick download times, however, those on very slow dial-up connections may wish to improve their download speeds by turning off images in their browsers.

To do this in Internet Explorer, click on "Tools" and choose "Internet Options." A dialogue box will pop up. Under the "Advanced" tab, scroll down to the heading "Multimedia" and click off the checkmark in the box next to "Show Pictures." Then click "Apply" and "Ok" at the bottom of the dialogue box. You may have to click on your browser's reload button for the new setting to take effect on the webpage.

Although images will no longer appear on the webpages, you should still be able to see the basic design of the site. Text will appear in boxes wherever images and navigation buttons would normally be located on each page. All links connected with images and buttons should function normally. Unfortunately, results may not be as satisfactory for users of browsers other than Internet Explorer. We are currently working to ensure our website is as accessible as possible on all browsers and platforms. We welcome your comments and suggestions to this end. Please contact the Webmaster.