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Howard Hoover


Hoover, Howard, Dunnville, Ontario, formerly of Selkirk, Ontario. Occupation: Labourer. Military Service: Private, Reg. No. 739398, 114 Bn., transferred to PPCLI. Attestation Papers. Possible Diary References: “Dusty Hoover and I put the tent up,” 5:9 Nov ’17; “bribed Dusty Hoover to put my horse in,” 6:18 Jan ’18; “Found a dugout with [A.A.] Bremner and Dusty Hoover,” 6:21 Feb ’18; “Worked on it all day and then learned that Dusty [Hoover] was moving into the feed tent. Decided to stay along with [A.A.] Bremner,” 6:22 Feb ’18. Pte. H. Hoover may be the Dusty Hoover mentioned in Frank Whiting’s war diary. Or perhaps, it was Pte. G.H. Hoover, who was probably an older brother. According to Hodder-Williams, 209, Pte. H. Hoover was struck off strength to the Canadian Labour Pool on 16 August 1918.