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John Donaldson


Donaldson, John, Winnipeg, Manitoba, formerly Anstruther, Fifeshire, Scotland. Occupation: Carpenter. Military Service: Sergeant, Reg. No. 420130, 43rd Battalion (Cameron Highlanders of Canada), Attestation Papers. Possible Diary Reference: “Davey [Smith?,] [John?] Donaldson (43rd) wounded Hasse (49th) eardrum burst. 49th Transport officer will probably die of wounds.,” 5:1 Sep ’17.

Additional Biographical Information:

Reg. No. 420130, Sgt. John Donaldson, former corps – Territories. Next-of-kin: William Donaldson, Anstruther, Fife, Scotland, born Scotland, enlisted Winnipeg, 23 December 1914. See Nominal Roll of 43rd Battalion, Bob Richardson Collection.