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Roy Conley Trimble


Trimble, Roy Conley, Red Deer, Alberta, Class of ’17 (B.S.A.) Military Service: Lieutenant, Reg. No. 117587, 12 Regt. Mounted Rifles, Attestation Papers. Diary References: “[R. C.] Trimble of the third won the cup and one gold medal,” 1:14 Mar ’15; “Met … [R. C.] Trimble of third degree year. He came over on a visit. Joined the 12th C.M.R.,” 2:21 Mar ’16.

Additional Biographical Information:


Dear Wife, - Arrived here last Tuesday evening, after fifteen days continuous travel. Went on board the Missanabie Friday evening and sailed Saturday morning. We had an escort of two torpedo boat destroyers from Sunday noon until we reached port the next morning at Plymouth.

We went up to Devonport, but were left on board till Tuesday morning. We disembarked and got right onto the train. You should see the trains. The engines are about the size of a good toy, the coaches are very little larger, they are all in sections, with rooms for about six in a section, and you enter at the side. One thing I will say for them, they can travel. We rambled along from 60 to 70 miles an hour and nothing to it.

Since we started training here we have been going a little stiffer than at Sarcee. Here an hour of physical torture before breakfast, three hours drill before dinner and a couple of hours after.

I think if Prof. Harrison were to come out here he could pick up some ideas of farm management. They sure make every foot of ground maintain its man. Even the sides of the railway liens are almost all into gardens.

Be sure and write all the college news. Yours, TRIM.
University of Manitoba, Archives and Special Collections, M.A.C. Gazette, v. X, no. 2 (Dec. 1916), 22.


Undergraduate, R. C. Trimble, 117587, Y. M. C. A. Base Camp, France.
University of Manitoba, Archives and Special Collections, Managra, v. XI, No. 1 (Nov 1917), 9.


Trimble, Lt. Roy Conley: Agric ’17; Enlisted 1917; Pte. 12th CMR; Transferred to YMCA; Lieut.; Service in France; Discharged 6-9-19.
University of Manitoba, Roll of Honour 1914-1918 (Winnipeg: University of Manitoba, 1923), 109.