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Bernard Frederick "Fuzzy" Houghton


Houghton, Bernard Frederick, Stonewall, Manitoba, Class of ’18, 3rd Yr. Diploma in Agriculture (1916). Military Service: Private, Reg. No. 910026, Attestation Papers. Diary Reference: “This afternoon went over and met Vic [Thompson] again also Ryan, [B. F.] Houghton (Fuzzy), Reg Hall and [J. A.] Mitchell all of the old 18 class,” 5:12 June ’17.

Additional Biographical Information:

Undergraduate, B. F. Houghton, 910026, Borden’s Battery, M.G. Sec., Fort Rd., Margate.
University of Manitoba, Archives and Special Collections, Managra, v. XI, No. 1 (Nov 1917), 8.

Houghton Heard From. B. F. Houghton writes from Wregrines, Belgium, under date of Jan. 18th, stating that he expects to return to England shortly, and thence to be able to proceed to Canada at some later date, and to continue his course at the M.A.C.; then, later, to take advantage of the Government scheme of land settlement.

Since the Armistice, Houghton’s battalion has made a tour of central Belgium, passing en route through Mons and Bruxelles, and at time of writing, was with the army of occupation at Wregrines, five miles north-east of the French town of Roubaix. He speaks of the warm reception received throughout Belgium, especially at Mons where they stayed a month. He says that the number of M.A.C. boys left with them is very small, only Mitchell, Cummings [Cumming] and himself being in his battalion.

He says, “I last saw my best friend Andy Robertson, at Cambrai; and we all feel for Mrs. Cummings in her double loss.”
University of Manitoba, Archives and Special Collections, Managra, v. XII, No. 3 (Mar. 1919), 27.