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Frederick Babb


Babb, Frederick, Minnedosa, Manitoba, formerly Weston, England. Occupation: Farmer. Military Service: Private, Reg. No. 922501, 200th Battalion, transferred to 27th (City of Winnipeg) Battalion, Attestation Papers. Diary References: “C [Harris] & I walked to Villiers-au-Bois to see the boys in 27th Batt. Hoped to see Fred, but missed him, they had gone in again,” 12 Oct ’17; “Saw Fred today. He is looking well,” 3 Nov ’17; “Saw Fred again, he is just out of the line,” 9 Nov ’17; “Fred came over. Laid around and chatted. They are moving out soon,” 10 Nov ’17; “Went to see Fred at Epsom. Had a pleasant day. We had tea together,” 18 Mar ’18; “Had two letters from Cis and one from Fred. He is up home,” 22 Apr ’18; “Had two letters, one from Fred,” 7 May ’18; “Had a letter from Fred,” 9 May ’18; “Had two letters, one from Fred. He was just on his way to W’mere,” 31 May’18. Fred Babb, Minnedosa, MB, enlisted in the 200th Battalion on the same day as Jack Beaumont.

Additional Biographical Information

Reg. No. 922501, Private Fred Babb, no previous military service, next of kin: Alfred Babb, Minnedosa, Manitoba, enlisted at Winnipeg, 3 June 1916. Nominal Roll of the 200th Battalion, Bob Richardson Collection, 2.

The 200th Battalion embarked from Halifax, Nova Scotia, aboard the S.S. Megantic on 3 May 1917. Nominal Roll of the 200th Battalion, Bob Richardsom Collection.

For further information on the war service of the 27th Battalion, see the War Diary of the 27th Canadian Infantry Battalion.

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