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9 August 2010, Monday
Lille to Northern England
by Raymond Shirritt-Beaumont


This was our last day in Lille, but before we boarded the Eurostar for London at 3:05 p.m. we took one last walk to the city centre of Lille. Since it was Monday, most of the stores were closed including the Vielle Bource, where Kieran had spied a 100 franc coin the previous day. In fact, this being the holiday season, many shops were closed for the entire month. Nevertheless, it was interesting walking around window-shopping and looking at the unique architecture of the city.

All too soon, we had to return to the hotel, pick up our luggage, and go to the station. The trip to London via Eurostar was made pleasant by a young web designer and his girlfriend, who were returning home after visiting her parents in Belgium. Since her family was originally from Dublin, we talked about the Irish Diaspora and many other topics before arriving at our destination. The transfer to Virgin Rail went smoothly, and we had a pleasant journey north to Lancaster, arriving at 7:35 p.m. Our cousin Nigel picked us up at the station with our rented van, and we were soon home again at Brookhouse. Our trip to France and Belgium had been a wonderful adventure that will be remembered fondly by us all. Indeed, we all hope to return in the future. But, for now, we had three more weeks to tour our ancestral homes in the Lake District of Northern England. We intended to make the most of it because, like our whirlwind trip to France, it would be over all too soon.


Inside the courtyard of the Vielle-Bourse
Emmeline joining her brothers in front of the War Memorial in Lille
Emmeline and her Kitty at the base of the War Memorial
Kieran poses for his last picture in Lille