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8 August 2010, Sunday
Lille: the Cathedral of Notre Dame, and the Citadel
by Raymond Shirritt-Beaumont


Our tour of the battlefields was now over. We attended church at Villeneuve d’Ascq in the morning and after lunch returned our rented vehicle to Europcar, this time with no difficulty. Then we went for another tour of Lille. Our walk took us down the streets of the old city to the Cathedral of Notre Dame, which is a massive building. The stained glass windows are something to see. The front façade of this cathedral is completely modern, and I initially thought it resulted from war damage to the original. In fact, it was built in the 1990s to complete a 19th century church designed in the Gothic style. Although impressive, I didn’t feel the Gothic and modern blended that well. I suppose it is all a matter of taste.

We also went to the Citadel, where Kieran took pictures of a long-horn bull, small ponies, and rabbits that were grazing by the ramparts. We could not tour the citadel interior, because it is a military installation, but we did go to a nearby amusement park, where the children played for an hour or so before we walked back to our hotel. It had been another memorable day.


M. Doit and his son
The Europcar Office at the rail station
Wan with the rail station and the Crown Plaza Hotel in the background
A street in Lille
A colourful, Flemish-style building near the cathedral
An interior shot of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Lille
The cathedral's modern façade
The entrance to the Citadel
Ponies grazing down in what must have been a moat at one time
Emmeline at the amusement park near the citadel